Tuesday, March 24

Spring is... springing

This morning my allotment was basking in the (not terribly warm) spring sunshine. I was shivering in not-quite-enough layers and
  • Planting a tree ("Serbian Gold" Quince, Cydonia oblonga)
  • Watching the birds crashing about in the hedge, and a magpie trying to use the tiny feeder designed for robins and sparrows
  • Checking on my seedlings - red drumhead cabbage, pak choi, and boltardy beetroot are all showing their faces, and the onion sets are starting to sprout
  • Finding more & more things springing to life. Very pleased that my rose-scented geranium has survived the winter. The hazel tree has leaves all of a sudden, the gooseberry has tiny flower buds, more tulips are coming into flower every time I visit, and three of the four fruit trees I planted over winter are budding (the fourth is a Victoria plum, which I believe/ hope is slower to start than apples, pears & cherries.)

I came home to the wonderful news that we've got a (provisional) completion date for our house purchase - and it's only about three weeks away! So, this year's project list:

  1. Rewire, decorate & move in to new house (hopefully in that order)
  2. Plant & maintain allotment to provide a steady stream of veggies, fruit & flowers for the whole year, and especially flowers for Laura & Nick's wedding in May
  3. Plan & plant new garden, perhaps to include space for a chicken run
  4. Keep trying to conceive

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