Tuesday, March 31

Spring cleaning

Well, I was supposed to be spring cleaning the flat, but I got distracted and spring cleaned my blog instead. Despite the fact that it's barely a week old.

mmm.... fresh!


  1. Hi Mel, my name's Charlie and you just posted a lovely comment on my blog Eat the Earth. I love your blog and it's great to meet someone who's also only recently started blogging, and who likes similar things! I shall certainly be following what you get up to in your allotment. Are you a member/volunteer with CPRE?

  2. Always good to have a spring clean - even if it is the blog. Love the photo of the daffodils :-D

  3. Hi AMA, Well, you can't beat a bunch of daffs to brighten the place up! And these are wild native ones - they grow all over Farndale, where my folks live, it's famous for them.

    m x