Tuesday, July 5

Ah, Yorkshire on a summer's day...

It's been a glorious few days, weather-wise - in fact, almost too good, certainly too warm to do anything strenuous during the day.  I've had a few nice evening rides recently, and there's something utterly blissful about being out on quiet country lanes as dusk begins to fall, but today I woke in an up & at 'em frame of mind, and was breakfasted, dressed and ready to go by 10am. 

I decided to head west out of the city, helped along by a warm easterly wind (about 15kph, if Accuweather is to be believed) and sticking to the Sustrans bike path to get me out of town quickly and well away from traffic.  I don't know how much was down to the new bike and how much down to my improved fitness, but I found this loop so much easier than when I rode it with Rich last year, which is a nice feeling.  Three and a half hours of quality pottering, 57km - all in all, a Good Day on the bike!

Some of the things I saw today:
  • Planes taking off from RAF Linton-on-Ouse (which may not actually be the windiest place of earth, but it sure feels like it sometimes!)
  • A beautiful meadow of Yorkshire fog
  • At least three cyclists wearing jackets - in 20-odd degrees sunshine!
  • A kestrel hunting over the verge
  • A selection of truly awful cycling shorts in one of York's many local bike shops
  • The site of the battle of Marston Moor, with four beautiful classic cars parked up next to it

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